Varduhi Poghosyan,  BS Engineering ’21

Jack Munushian Scholarship Recipient (’17-’18); Hildy & Khajak Sarkissian Scholarship Recipient (’18 – ’19)

“STEM-related fields have a significant influence on the 21st Century, and as a result, people all around the world have become a part of those technologies. It is essential for Armenian women to enter STEM-related fields as it will give them an opportunity to be part of the fast-developing world. Many in Armenia think that women should not become IT specialists and that in most cases engineering and computer sciences are only for men. I believe that Armenian women have the potential to become successful IT specialists and bring their contribution to the development of Armenia. It is not a secret that not all women prefer to explore these fields, nevertheless, many women want to, but they do not have financial means to support their education. A scholarship is one of the best ways to support and motivate women to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams.”