The American University of Armenia’s “Yes, Armenian Women Can!” campaign  got a little more colorful. World renowned artist Arev Petrosyan has joined the cause by donating proceeds from her purchased paintings to the visionary initiative, which provides scholarships for female AUA students studying computer science, engineering and information technology.

“It is a great pleasure for me to give young women the opportunity to create a future for themselves and to promote a healthy community,” said Arev. “AUA has opened new doors for us and through our united work, Armenian women will find a significant place in society.”

The artist, born and raised in an artistic family in Yerevan, has previously partnered up with AUA, where she held exhibitions in the space and participated in charity programs, projects she “supports with great pride.”

“Being part of this campaign is my small way of investing in tomorrow’s future,” said Arev.

Her paintings, which feature mixed media techniques on plexiglas, fuse traditional and modern elements and appeal to all generations. Rich in color and vibrant with visual imagery, Arev’s pieces seek to convey light and transparent space, giving the viewer the “opportunity to imagine his own image” in her artistic world.

Arev has been a longtime supporter of women’s advancement, conveyed in her paintings “Mother Armenia” and “Tree of Life,” but also through her female-themed exhibitions at AUA, the UNESCO House in Paris and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, among many others.

As an artist, she desires peace, because “only in a peaceful environment can people create and reveal their potential for the sake of humanity.”

A graduate of the Panos Terlemezyan College of Fine Arts, Arev also studied computer graphics and management at Yerevan State Academy of the Arts. As a public persona, she opened up her own gallery three years ago in Yerevan’s center with the goal of not only displaying artwork, but also to establish a consistent home for cultural events and projects.

As a female artist, her revolutionary artwork serves as an inspiration to the younger generation to find their own strength and abilities. She sees significant progress being made in Armenia, particularly on a social level, while the country works towards shedding stereotypes held on from previous generations.

“I want the talented, hardworking women of Armenia to come out from behind the curtain and find a way to express their self-esteem, creativity and useful work for the development of society,” she said.

As an Honoured Artist by the Republic of Armenia, Arev encourages women to embrace their abilities and potential, and believes that “through hard work and self-confidence, the impossible is possible.”