ServiceTitan Establishing Endowed Scholarship Fund in Support of “Yes, Armenian Women Can!” campaign at AUA 

ServiceTitan founders Vahe Kuzoyan and Ara Madessian both grew up in households that valued education. They believe that Armenia’s greatest competitive advantage is the convergence of education and technology. “
Our goal is to invest in the community, and the most valuable way we can do that is through investing in quality education and top talent,” say the founders. “Education is vital for the future of Armenia. Supporting and promoting women in the technology sector will be a driving force for Armenia’s economic success and backbone.” 

Vahe Kuzoyan and Ara Madessian, Co-Founders of ServiceTitan

Alene Aroustamian has a lead role in ServiceTitan’s identity and culture. She works closely with the founders and has been instrumental in creating the valuable partnership between the company and AUA with a long-term vision of creating a supply chain of female engineers and computer scientists that will fuel the tech industry in Armenia. Through the establishment of the ServiceTitan Endowed Scholarship Fund at AUA, the new generation of female students interested in the field will be empowered through the gift of education annually, in perpetuity.  

Alene Aroustamian Senior Executive Administrator at ServiceTitan

Ara and Vahe’s philosophy is that none of us know the limits of our own potential. They motivate and push me to become the best version of myself,” Alene says. “I share this to demonstrate that both gentlemen strongly believe success is limitless and want to actively help those eager to live up to their potential. Think about the countless young men and women in Armenia and the untapped potential they possess along with the success stories waiting to be told a few years from now.”

The ability to code is a superpower. In the hands of bright and ambitious individuals, this skill can — and truly will — change the world. The ServiceTitan story is a testament to exactly that— the founders applied their skill to start a software company that would help workers in the service industry, like both of their fathers. This startup eventually evolved into the 1000+ person company it is today, with offices in two major U.S. cities and one in the heart of Armenia. It all began when they learned how to code at a young age, were supported in the process, and then went on to attend world-class institutions to continue honing and developing their skills.

Thank you, ServiceTitan for your generous contribution and becoming a corporate partner in affirming that “Yes, Armenian Women Can!” 

ServiceTitan Team