Naira Matosyan, BS in Computer Science ‘19

Akian Family Foundation Scholarship

Naira from Gyumri, Armenia, is an AUA alumna with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. 

Prior to entering AUA, she had wanted to apply to Yerevan State University, but when she learned about the American-style education and teaching methodology offered at AUA, she changed her mind. 

As an active member of the student body, Naira participated in the Olympiads and was very passionate about studying math to implement it in her future career. Currently, she works at Tidepool Labs as a software engineer. At the same time, she is a teaching assistant at AUA and has been teaching various courses within CSE over the years. 

“AUA gave me the fundamental skills to begin my career as a software developer. I started working in my second year at University. The subjects we learned at AUA, such as algorithms and data structure, helped me develop myself and find solutions to problems, which I continue to use in my work. In terms of teaching at AUA, I simply love to share my experience with the current students.”

Naira notes that starting her education after moving from Gyumri was quite challenging, which is why she is so grateful to the Akian Family Foundation Scholarship that supported her education and played a big role in her current success. 

“I intend to complete a master’s degree and PhD to deepen my knowledge in computer science and eventually contribute to my hometown, Gyumri. I am happy to see it develop throughout the past years, and I hope to have my role in its advancement.”