About the Campaign

Yes, Armenian Women Can!

The American University of Armenia was one of the first institutions in Armenia to recognize the significance of advancing the IT fields for state planning and development. Correspondingly, AUA recognized the imperative of preparing the female population, accordingly equipping them with the analytical acumen and capacity to take on the more complex challenges the world is facing and to make contributions that realize true advancement.

In 2018, with the launch of the visionary initiative Yes, Armenian Women Can!, AUA set the goal to establish a $2.5 million endowed scholarship fund that would support hundreds of enrolled female students studying computer science and engineering. The campaign took notice of the urgent demand for increasing Armenia’s self-reliance and sustainability through strengthening the growing technology sector, while recognizing the importance of bolstering the lead involvement of women at this juncture in history. 

By encouraging women to hone their skills in the highly competitive science and technology fields, and appropriately educating them to gain knowledge, competence, and confidence, the Yes, Armenian Women Can! campaign also serves as a powerful bridge to connect the burgeoning female professionals in Armenia with their counterparts in the Diaspora. Such combined power and expertise in science and technology would provide the potential to catapult Armenia onto a more competitive world position. It is a priority action for AUA to provide our students with the proper education and bridging opportunities, paying particular attention to involving those women who may have steered away from these fields. The success of the Yes, Armenian Women Can! Campaign will lead to the success of female students who choose specializations in the fields of science and technology.  

The recent data from the AUA Office of Institutional Research and Assessment show the positive changes in enrollment numbers between Fall 2018 and Fall 2020 (see below table). The 51% increase in female enrollment in computer science and engineering degree programs attests to the success we are recording in achieving the central goal of the Yes, Armenian Women Can! campaign. 

These numbers are very encouraging and a strong reason to focus greater effort on getting more women positioned for public and private leadership roles that surpass the status quo. While great strides have been made in ushering women into entry or mid-level corporate positions within the STEM fields, the same cannot be said for senior or executive roles. With the growing demand for and increasing numbers of women specializing in these fields, there is a greater need to advocate diversity and inclusion of women to continue breaking barriers that may still exist in the workplace, particularly with respect to attaining executive leadership positions. 

Here too, AUA has an essential role to play in filling the gender gap. By directing concerted effort to the Yes, Armenian Women Can! campaign, AUA is able to address the relevant skills gap for women to achieve mastery in entrepreneurship, leadership, management, organizational and financial planning, and beyond. 

The evolving role of women in society along with the changing expectations and demands of the next generation of leaders in Armenia are the central themes that shape our goals and structure our activities. In addition to scholarship support for women studying science and engineering, AUA is expanding the same level of support to students majoring in business related fields. With your attention and dedicated support, we will be able to meet the imperative of designing the next imperatives in higher education, to effectively respond to the changing demands in Armenia, and to record the progress we aim for, institutionally and collectively. 

Please join us in our efforts to advance our campaign and consider making a donation to “Yes, Armenian Women Can!” Indeed, Armenian women are the foundational force of the homeland and the inspiration for the future.