Campaign’s Impact


Elen Aleksanyan, BS in Computer Science ‘23
Vazken & Maro Ekmekjian Endowed Scholarship

“Men and women have different perspectives and ideas in the same field. I think we are definitely smart enough to achieve success in the field. I mean, the programming language was invented by a woman, so I don’t see where the stereotypes are coming from.” 

Gohar Aghajanyan, BS in Computer Science ‘23
Elia Kahvedjian & Arakel Dirtadian Scholarship Recipient 

“It is not about the gender, but about the skills and vision the person has. Computer science is not for everyone, but every girl should know that they have all the rights and opportunities to try it. They should have role models in the field and be informed from a very young age that they can pursue anything.”

Emma Minasyan, BS in Computer Science ‘23
SJS Charitable Trust Endowed Scholarship

“When you build your company in Armenia you invest in your country’s development and it’s exciting to know that you can contribute and make that impact. I think I will start my own company in the future. Artificial intelligence can make people’s lives easier. I am thinking about a start up where we can build artificial intelligence for the traffic lights to adjust for the ambulance cars to arrive at their destinations earlier. I hope I can realize this idea someday.”

Liana Avagyan, BS in Data Science ‘23
Albert and Terry Bezjian Endowed Scholarship
The Edele Hovnanian Foundation Endowed Scholarship

“My perception of the IT field has changed since becoming a student at AUA. It is more complicated and interesting than I thought. It also opened my eyes to the hardworking women in Armenia pursuing their dreams in this field and proving that they are not in any way less capable. It’s a great inspiration for me because in a class full of male students I doubted my abilities too. But I also knew that I wasn’t less intelligent. I worked just as hard if not harder. It’s important to support women, especially when you see how powerful they are.”

Sona Bezirganyan, BS in Computer Science ‘22
Alice Kanlian Mirak Endowed Memorial Scholarship

“Self learning and practical knowledge are crucial in this field and I think AUA is a great motivation to work on myself. I love the support at AUA and the community that motivates, especially for people who can’t afford it. I also like the academic aspect--the general education gives me a chance to explore myself not just as a professional, but also as a citizen. I plan to continue my education in this field and reach a level of professionalism to be able to make a valuable contribution in Armenia. I want to enrich my country as an  educated professional.”