Lilith Karapetyan B.S. in Computer Science ‘22

Turpanjian Educational Foundation Scholarship
Rina Adjoian Memorial Scholarship
Akian Family Foundation Scholarship

Lilith Karapetyan graduated from the American University of Armenia (AUA) in 2022 with a major in computer science. Prior to coming to AUA, Lilith explored programming by taking courses at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies. When choosing a university, Lilith was convinced that AUA would provide her with further knowledge and skills that would be relevant for the current job market. “AUA gave me freedom, which made me feel responsible for every decision I made. We were free to schedule our courses, and it was great because it allowed me to work starting from the second semester of my freshman year,”  she recalls.

Lilith gained her first work experience through the Introduction to Computer Science course at AUA. Students were required to present their final projects to experts in the field of IT in Armenia. After the presentation, Lilith received a job offer and started her internship at inOne Mobile Wallet. Soon after, Lilith was accepted to Picsart as a frontend engineer and CodeSignal as a fullstack developer, which gave her invaluable hands-on experience for further career advancement.

Simultaneously, Lilith taught programming through various courses and platforms, including summer camp at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, the “Women in Science” workshop in Georgia, Picsart’s “Progress” project for veterans, Armenian Code Academy, as well as online courses for those affected by Covid-19 pandemic and the 44-Day War. 

“During my time at AUA, I also had the chance to participate in the Summer Research Workshop organized by the AUA Akian College of Science and Engineering. It was an amazing opportunity for students interested in research to work on projects and receive valuable feedback from their mentors. We all came from different backgrounds, so it was fascinating to learn about each others’ ideas and perspectives,” remarks Lilith.

Lilith Karepetyan’s feedback on LinkedIn regarding the AUA CSE Summer Research Workshop

Currently, Lilith is a back-end engineer at Google in Warsaw, Poland. Her goal is to continue growing professionally with the continuous development of IT. “I remember receiving my first scholarship at AUA. It meant so much to me. To say I am grateful is an understatement. I had the chance to enjoy my studies and take every opportunity AUA had to offer all because of the generosity of our donors,” she affirms.