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To know that young women like Rubina are benefiting from a scholarship is a gratifying outcome of my involvement with AUA. The clarity of her intended uses of her education and vision for women in the IT industry is a credit to her professors and, no doubt, to her home environment. I have full confidence that she will be a role model to girls and women who follow in her footsteps in the study of computer science, engineering, and information technology and in making a significant contribution to Armenia and to the world. That Armenian women can is a given in my mind and in my life – Yes Armenian Women Can! is a program that will enable many more women to reach their full potential. I hope that it gains traction and meets all of itsfunding objectives. The potential benefits are immeasurable. Read more “SANDRA SHAHINIAN LEITNER (SJS CHARITABLE TRUST)”


In my businesses in the USA, the women I have hired over the decades have always been some of my most hard-working and dedicated employees, and I believe the women of Armenia are no different. I believe they will be leaders of industry and a large part of the future of Armenia.  AUA is an institution that can provide them the foundation to ensure their success. Read more “HIRAIR HOVNANIAN”


“Similarly, my grandmother encouraged me to pursue my dream to not only become a physician, but to become a physician who made a difference in the world,” said Susan.

Fulfilling her grandmother’s wishes, Susan has indeed become an impactful member of society and to the AUA community, a University she believes provides a high quality of education that values “honesty, integrity and fairness.”

“AUA is ensuring that the future of Armenia is one of prosperity, creativity, innovation and excellence,” said Susan. “AUA is a beacon of hope that empowers its students to be successful, not just on the Armenian stage, but also on the global stage.” Read more ““THE LEGACY OF STRONG ARMENIAN WOMEN PAVES THE WAY FOR THE “YES, ARMENIAN WOMEN CAN!” CAMPAIGN”


“It is a great pleasure for me to give young women the opportunity to create a future for themselves and to promote a healthy community,” said Arev. “AUA has opened new doors for us and through our united work, Armenian women will find a significant place in society.” Read more “AREV PETROSYAN JOINS “YES, ARMENIAN WOMEN CAN!” CAMPAIGN”

Navasargian Family Connection to AUA & the Homeland

“I really love Armenia and I feel very connected to AUA.”
“I am happy that there is a University like AUA, thanks to the founding fathers who not only had the idea, but implemented it.” Read more “Navasargian Family Connection to AUA & the Homeland”

$100,000 +  Visionary

Hirair Hovnanian - The Edele Hovnanian Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
Vazken and Maro Ekmekjian - In Honor of Benyamine and Yeva Ekmekjian Endowed Scholarship Fund
Vazken and Maro Ekmekjian  Endowed Scholarship Fund

$50,000- $99,999 – Advocate

SJS Charitable Trust Endowed Scholarship Fund
John Mirak Foundation - In Memory of Alice Kanlian Mirak Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ruth & Sarkis Bedevian - In Memory of their Mothers, Baidsar Bedevian & Alice Shahbazian Endowed Scholarship Fund
Alice Navasargian Endowed Scholarship Fund

$10,000–$24,999 – Changemaker

Art & Rosemond Muncheryan

$5,000 – $9,999  – Inspirer

Arev Petrosyan
David Essayan & Susan Jerian In Memory of Marie Hovagimian Jernazian
Vivian Moutafian

$1,000 – $4,999 – Partner

Robert & Maral Adalian
Vahak & Alice Petrossian
Stephen Philibosian Foundation
Jack & Mary Aslanian
David & Christine Balabanian
Zareh & Hasmig Samurkashian
John Missirian
Berge & Vart Roubinian
Massis Galestan
Harout & Ollia Yenikomshian
Armen Sedrakian & Ruth Alahydoian
Jack & Marie Saroyan
Hrayr & Zaroug Kabakian
Susan Vartanian Barba
Vahan & Noone Janjigian